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"Foehammer" was recorded on December 6th, 2014 at Cellar Door by Noel Mueller for Grimoire Records. Illustration by Luciana Nedelea. Mixed and mastered by Noel Mueller.

"The album's three songs are utterly devoid of European romance or keyboard-y flair, though; rather, a bitter miasma also surges through their recordings, recalling the poisonous sludge of feedback-loving greats Noothgrush, Corrupted, and Burning Witch." - Kim Kelly, Noisey

"...slow, low, and crushing, with the kind of guitar distortion that makes your teeth vibrate and the kind of drum strikes that are capable of causing herniated discs. And holy shit, the vocals are goddamned gargantuan, and as deep as ocean trenches." - No Clean Singing

"...a great offering of slow, fuzzy funeral doom that’s bound to shake your speakers and probably your skeleton as well." - DC Heavy Metal

"...a slow and menacing beast, with macabre, guttural vocals that sound like they are summoning the Old Gods from the deep. The doom-laden guitar sounds like it was down-tuned so far, the strings must have been hanging down past the fingerboard." - DCist

"The bottom line is this: Foehammer are righteously heavy, mercilessly slow and evil sounding to the core. Funeral doom can add another name to the list of bands that “get it”. There’s nuance and subtlety to raise the album from pure doom devastation into an entrancing and powerful experience." - Metal Bandcamp

"They are brutal, brainy, and colossal, and they will fit the bill just fine if you’re looking to fill a half hour with some of the darkest, most foreboding sounds the doom genre can offer. Hails to that." - Meat Mead Metal

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released June 12, 2015

Joe Cox - Guitar
Jay Cardinell - Bass, Vocals
Ben Blanton - Drums



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